About my little people mission

I never imagined I would even entertain the idea of homeschooling my children. Not “for real”. I always believed I was teaching by example, through discovery of all that is around us and by the talks over dinner each night. But to commit to my children everything- every waking moment of every day, that didn’t seem like me. Parents need a break, right? That’s what I believed with my first, who is now about to be a junior in HS. He needs to be socialized, he needs the experience and structure that only a typical public school can give him.

With the births of each of my youngest children, my thought process has changed. I can be their teacher. I can give them experiences and one on one mentoring they could never get in a public school classroom 5 days/week. I am not a patient woman, though. Lord, please help me, I pray each night. I am trying. I have the utmost respect for those who teach other people’s children. I don’t believe I am smarter or better than any teacher, but teaching starts and ends at home where I am with my children each day. So, it just makes sense to me to keep them home and we will learn together each day.

I want to experience all the learning and milestones in their lives. I want to fill them with joy and gladness with every hurdle they overcome and comfort and encourage them each time they don’t quite make it.

This mission began slowly and it’s still a work in progress. I know I will continue to doubt myself, I will continue to struggle with patience, but I know that together we can achieve true learning together. Together, with my children, we can achieve the excellence that I feel in my soul is meant for each of them.


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