Education Free $5 credit for joining mailing list! is a great deal site that features education based products. They have had some really amazing offerings…DVD bundles on zoology, science kits from The Magic School Bus, High School tutoring services, and adult education discounts as well. New offers are added weekly, but they only last about as long. Occasionally (3 times in the last month) they will also offer FREE downloadable products. It doesn’t cost a thing to sign up for their newsletter, in fact do so through this special link and you’ll get a $5 credit! Right now, they have a Constitution Study Packet for LESS THAN $4.00! With your credit…that’s FREE.

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About the Constitution Packet – from the website:

75% Off on CONSTITUTION STUDY PACKET from Creative Learning Connection


Have you been wanting to teach the Constitution but having difficulty knowing where to start? Or have you been wanting to learn more about it for yourself? Look no further. This Topical Study Bundle includes a wide variety of materials here that make learning and teaching the Constitution more fun. Includes four separate books on the Constitution, and 468 pages!
Who is it for?

Students in 7-12th grade
Teachers and homeschoolers looking for a fun way to study the U.S. Constitution
What is included?

Understanding (and Teaching) the United States Constitution
Covers historic context, along with many of the other documents that paved the way for the foundation of our government
The Philadelphia Convention: A Play for Many Readers
Learn and read the highlights of the debates that took place during the writing of the Constitution
Includes 165 pages of the that process in play format
Makes an excellent high school class activity
The Philadelphia Convention In Their Own Words
Learn more about the writing of the U.S. Constitution
Bring the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia to life through the founders’ letters, journals, and more
103 pages
Failure in Philadelphia
Historical Fiction covering the Constitutional Convention from the perspective of a young British spy. Enjoyed by students and adults alike!
Why buy?

Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the Constitution, then and now
Take the frustration out of topical study
Easy to teach and read
Bring history to life and make learning fun!
How does the deal work?

Download link will be sent via email after purchase
Voucher code expires on January 29th, 2014
All sales are finalCatherine McGrew Jaime has been homeschooling her own twelve children for more than thirty years, and teaching the U.S. Constitution to highschoolers for more than a decade of that time. She loves writing and teaching through hands on materials that bring the topics to life, and her Constitution materials are no exception. Whether you are teaching one student or thirty, you should find her information useful. For more of her educational materials, available on a wide variety of topics, you may want to check out her websites: and Happy learning!

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

*** Full Disclosure, I will earn $1 credit to for this referral. ***

Thank you!


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