And she danced!

From the day V came into my life, I imagined pink tutus and dance recitals. I never really was much on the fru-fru stuff, but there’s something about having your first (and only) daughter that just makes everything “rainbows and lollipops”. I just couldn’t imagine she would be anything but a social butterfly, a fashionista, a long, tall, beautiful, brilliant, dance queen!

She’s four. So far, everything I’d imagined- she is! She has always been the most social baby I’ve ever known. She knows no stranger and has no reservations about talking to people she’s never seen before. How I admire that in her! She loves my jewelry and always complements me when I’m wearing something pretty. She notices changes to my hair or when I have my nails painted. I just recently took her into a $1 jewelry store just to see her face light up. Of course, she picked out a bundle of hot pink bracelets (or, bracekelets as she still sometimes calls them) and matching necklace as her very first accessory purchase. I’m not even sure how she knows the word “accessories”. Luckily, she has more of Daddy’s stature than mine. She’s tall and thin with a long, but graceful neck. And did I mention how smart this doll is? Look out Einstein! And dancing; that’s just something all babies do, right? I made a compilation video of all her dance moves- that was over two years ago. She always loved to “shake my booty!”

Things almost fell through on the dance lessons but, somehow it all worked out. She was so excited! I didn’t tell her about it for awhile, because she’s a bit impatient. For the week she knew, every day she asked, “Am I going to dance class today?” I was so nervous! What if she didn’t like it? What if she was disinterested and wouldn’t pay attention to the instructor? What if she loved it, but she was horrible? I spent weeks worrying about all of these things, until the moment came.

I watched my baby girl in her very first dance lesson and … It … Was … Amazing!

She loved it! She was beautiful! She was graceful! She payed attention! She longed for more! And she adored me for bringing her! My heart was filled with a joy that was only matched by the birth of my children. I felt that “YES!” moment. And now, I have my fully realized dream. Though, even if she hated dance, or was short and stout, or shy and self-conscious, she’d still be one of my very favorite dreams!



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