Books for free? Yes, please!

Tyndale Order Do you enjoy Christian reading, Bibles, planning to do a year long Bible study? Want some of these materials for free? Try TyndaleRewards! Sign up for Tyndale Rewards (Tyndale Publishing) and get 25 points to start. Earn points for free books and Bibles! Points can be earned by completing really simple surveys, referring friends (like the link at the bottom of this post- 10 points/referral) and reviewing Tyndale Publishing products. The “Free Books” offering includes something for everyone. In just a few short moments, I was able to collect enough points to purchase two books: “Are Angels Real” a book for my little people and “Finding God in The Lord of the Rings”, because I’m a huge LOTR fan! So, I earned two books…within minutes and they didn’t even charge me for shipping! I’m hoping my little people will enjoy the angel book. V just recently finished up her very first VBS (Vacation Bible School) and really enjoyed it. I’m going to stoke that fire while it’s still burning! May you find joy and love all around you, but especially love!


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