Here a book, there a book! Everywhere a book, a book!

Reading…love it or hate it, everyone needs to learn how to do it. In our house, reading is a highly prized respite from the craziness all around us. My husband and I are (or WERE and hopefully will be again soon) avid readers. We tore through the Left Behind Series, Stephen King novels, and anything written by Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code). Yes, it’s quite an interesting niche we have carved out. But, lately we’re reading Green Eggs and Ham or Go, Dog, Go to our little ones whom we hope will one day read as much or more than we have been able.

Since I have committed to homeschooling, I’m determined to weed out more and more of our digital media (at one time, we had nearly 1000 DVD movies and video games) and fill our bookshelves with (SURPRISE!) books! We always had books around…under the bed, hidden in a cabinet, like we were closet-readers. For shame! Lately, though, I’d prefer our young children see that books are the important things to fill up our shelves with and we’ll hide all those Pixar movies and PlayStation games in a cabinet!

If you’re passionate about reading, especially for/to/with your children, please visit Barefoot Books. I have recently joined the Barefoot Books Ambassador program. Though, selling isn’t really my “thing”, my love of beautiful books for my kids is a thing I don’t mind promoting one little bit!


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